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This is fun: take a full-sized, famous book and compress it down to describe the plot in one sentence. Failbook calls it “the tl;dr versions” of the classics. Wanna play?

Here are some of my favourite tl;dr novels. I’ll start off easy for now and stick to the classics, but expect me to do a Stephen King variant in the future.

  1. A creepy traveling carnival comes to town and captures people by promising to make their fantasies come true.
  2. A man and his adoptive father both fall in love with the same pretty girl, but they’ve got no chance because son is misshapen-looking and father is a creepy priest.
  3. A little girl comes to love her adopted brother very much, but she marries somebody else with more wealth and  status, and it turns out to have been a bad idea.
  4. An abused and impoverished child grows up to be a governess who falls in love with her employer, eventually leaves his employ, but ultimately comes back to care for and marry him.
  5. Three witches predict a certain lord will become a king, and he decides to hurry their prophecy along by killing the reigning monarch, but he and his wife are plagued by supernatural visions after committing the murder.
  6. A woman becomes a priestess of her pagan Celtic religion at a time when Christianity is encroaching and her (half) brother, the king, is fighting to keep the kingdom intact.
  7. A very timid young man with a comfortable lifestyle discovers his own bravery by taking a long journey, fighting a dragon, and finding a magical ring.
  8. A woman becomes pregnant after wanting children for a long time, but she soon learns that her new neighbours are in a satanic cult and the baby is demonic.
  9. An extremely smart little girl who can move objects with her mind uses her special powers to punish dull-witted, mean, and dishonest grown-ups for their bad behaviour and mistreatment of others.
  10. A red-haired orphan moves in with a brother and sister to help around the house, and though originally they wanted a boy, she soon wins them over with her personality, charm, and competence, despite various mishaps.

Leave your guesses in the comments!


Comments on: "One-Sentence Stories" (4)

  1. 4. Jane Eyre, I want to say?
    5. Macbeth
    6. Can’t remember the actual book, but tells of the earlier time of Arthur, when he slept with his half sister. Mists … something … grr!
    7. The Hobbit
    9. Mathilda?
    10. Anne of Green Gables

  2. Erica said:

    02. Hunchback of Notre Dame
    03. Wuthering Heights
    05. Macbeth
    06. Sounds like Arthur and Morgan le Fay, but I don’t know which book
    07. The Hobbit
    09. Matilda
    10. Pippi Longstockings

  3. 1. Could be Something Wicked This Way comes, or maybe another book about an evil carnival.

    2. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    4. Jane Eyre

    5. Macbeth

    6. Could be any version of the King Arthur story, but I bet you were thinking of The Mists of Avalon

    7. The Hobbit

    9. Matilda

    10. Pippi Longstocking

  4. 3. Wuthering Heights?

    8. Rosemary’s Baby

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