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Stephen King

Image via Kotaku.

So, here’s how the game works: I’ve taken a bunch of relatively well-known stories, all centered around the same theme, and whittled their plotlines down to a one-sentence summary. Your goal is to see how many you can match up with their original titles and authors.

The theme of the day is Stephen King, which will hopefully be tougher than the arbitrary “classics and favourites” I picked to test-drive the game. (Though a surprising of people were stumped by the tale of the red-haired orphan. As Canadians we should know that Pippi Longstocking is not the literary world’s only red-haired orphan!) The selections made can be short stories or full-length novels, but I promise none of them is the single episode of The X-Files he wrote back in the fourth or fifth season of the series.

You can check your answers here.

  1. A woman gets accused of murdering her boss; she didn’t do it, but she actually is guilty of murder because she killed her child-molesting husband during an eclipse.
  2. A death-row inmate with low intelligence and a special healing power is not guilty but gets fried anyway.
  3. A banker-turned-jailbird uses his financial skills to his advantage in prison as a way to kill time while he builds an escape tunnel in his cell.
  4. A little boy with psychic abilities has to figure out how to deal with a massively haunted hotel that’s causing his father to go homicidally insane.
  5. Pranking the weird girl by making her the high school prom queen backfires in a big way.
  6. An epidemic of turning into a vampire sweeps through a small town, and Patient Zero lives in the creepy murder house on top of the hill.
  7. A writer gets injured, and a fan with a crazed obsession nurses him back to health, but won’t allow him to leave until he writes a deceased character back to life.
  8. The government tries to find a little girl born with the power of pyrokinesis as a result of their experiments on her parents,  while she and her father work to stay one step ahead of their agents.
  9. The dog is trying to kill everyone.
  10. The car is trying to kill everyone.
  11. A battered wife finds the courage to leave her husband, who pursues her across the country and into the dark fantasy dreamscape of a painting she found at a pawn shop.
  12. The graveyard makes pets come back to life, just like before except more evil, so a grief-stricken dad buries his dead child there and gets the predictable result.
  13. A gypsy curse causes a wealthy fat cat to waste away no matter how much he eats.
  14. A kid learns how to be a Nazi from a neighbour who was an actual Nazi.
  15. A high school teacher travels back in time to try and prevent the assassination of a president.

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