A humble little blog about books, information, and other things that are good to know.

About Salcia

Salcia’s name, outside of the 4Salcia blogs on WordPress, is actually Sara; she chose Salcia because she read in a baby-names book that it’s the Polish variant of her given name. Salcia doesn’t have any babies, but she really likes them. Actually, she was looking at the baby-name book to try and name characters in a novel she’s writing. She’s been told she’s a pretty good writer, and she’s hoping to channel that into publication some time in the future. She’s currently working on a supernatural thriller for young adults, but she tries to keep her work as diverse as she can, for the challenge but also for the fun.

Meanwhile, however, she’s gotten her Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Western Ontario, and she’s looking forward to channeling that into some kind of great library work that will help make the world a better place. (She wouldn’t object to getting paid for it, either.) In the twenty-first century library, success in librarianship is about more than books; it also means using interactive electronic media to put yourself out there on the Web. That means most librarians need to be proficient users of social media, including blogging. I set up this blog as a way to keep my skills sharp and constantly expanding, but also to display those abilities to anyone interested in seeing what I can do.

Coming soon: a resumé page listing off my skills and qualifications as well as my previous work experience. Check back here for the link.

You may also wish to visit my special-interest blog, The Shadow Side, covering the intersection between the supernatural and the spiritual.

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