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Why I Don’t Write Book Reviews

There are plenty of book blogs on the Internet.

Now, my goal with Bookshelf of the Mind is to be more than just a blog about the books I’ve read. I blog about issues in literacy and librarianship, reflect on critical thinking, advertise the benefits and needs of the modern library, and even assemble detailed booklists around topical central themes. (You’d be amazed how much time and effort that can take.) But I also blog about the books I’ve read, which means that to some extent and in some ways, I’m another book blogger.

But unlike many of the book bloggers out there, I’m not a book reviewer.

Librarian reading on the floor in the stacks.

Image via Northeast Kansas Library System.

It sounds like a subtle difference, but it’s actually a pretty important one. A book reviewer isn’t striving for objectivity in the slightest: she’s telling you what she thought about the reading material, the things she liked and the things she didn’t. She’s critiquing it and judging whether or not she enjoyed it – and, by extension, whether or not she’d recommend it to you, her audience.

That’s something you’re not going to find me doing on this Bookshelf of the Mind.



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