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TL;DR Challenge – The Stephen King Edition

Stephen King

Image via Kotaku.

So, here’s how the game works: I’ve taken a bunch of relatively well-known stories, all centered around the same theme, and whittled their plotlines down to a one-sentence summary. Your goal is to see how many you can match up with their original titles and authors.

The theme of the day is Stephen King, which will hopefully be tougher than the arbitrary “classics and favourites” I picked to test-drive the game. (Though a surprising of people were stumped by the tale of the red-haired orphan. As Canadians we should know that Pippi Longstocking is not the literary world’s only red-haired orphan!) The selections made can be short stories or full-length novels, but I promise none of them is the single episode of The X-Files he wrote back in the fourth or fifth season of the series.

You can check your answers here.


One-Sentence Stories

This is fun: take a full-sized, famous book and compress it down to describe the plot in one sentence. Failbook calls it “the tl;dr versions” of the classics. Wanna play?


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