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In Honour of Bradbury

Author Ray Bradbury, photographed with a black cat.

Image via The Alien Next Door.

The news has just traveled into my corner of the blogosphere: Ray Bradbury has died. I have to admit, I wasn’t entirely sure before this whether he was still living. But it hardly matters, because his writing is undying.

Ray Bradbury believed that whether we burned books didn’t matter; if we failed to read and share them, we might as well be burning them. In tribute to him, science-fiction fans all over the Internet are making plans to return to his short fiction, essays, novels, and poetry as a fitting farewell tribute. That’s not a bad idea. After all, the man himself would have wanted to see his words outlive him, encouraging people to think.


The Scare Factor

Hallowe’en is one of my favourite holidays. Call me creepy – you wouldn’t be the first – but I’ve always found it fun.

Yes, I was the kid who was delighted when a seemingly-stuffed Grim Reaper started to follow me across the yard as I trick-or-treated. Yes, I was the kid making smart-aleck remarks to the ghosts in the haunted houses on the Niagara Falls strip. The school library couldn’t find enough Stephen King to keep me happy. And to this day, I’m the one who tries to convince my friends to go see Paranormal Activity 2, though most of them would rather . . . well, pretty much anything.

But I’m very aware that I’ve got an unusually high tolerance level for the frightening and macabre. And in my work with children, it’s a struggle this time of year: how much terror can a kid take?


Uruk-hai and horrified child.

Image via Horror Society.



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