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Enter Three Witches

Cover art for Enter Three Witches by Caroline B. Cooney.

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Scary Library: Truly Weird Tales

Throughout the week I’ve mostly been focused on scary stories from the fiction world: after all, Hallowe’en is all about the scary stories we tell ourselves. But there’s a non-fiction side to the paranormal and spooky as well. Believe in it or don’t, people have written countless books about the folklore, spirituality, and science behind the things we see in horror films and in the Hallowe’en decorations aisle at your nearest Wal-Mart. Here’s a sampling.

A skeleton reading

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Knockout by Catherine Coulter

Cover art for Knockout. Image via Amazon.

Title: Knockout

Author: Catherine Coulter

Year of Publication: 2009

Genre Keywords: action/adventure,crime,  FBI, kidnapping, paranormal, psychic powers, suspense, thriller.

Summary: A little girl named Autumn has a larger-than-life power: the ability to talk telepathically to others who share her gift. But the sinister family from which she’s inherited it will stop at nothing to get Autumn on their side so they can take advantage of her powers, and she and her mother are on the run. After seeing Agent Dillon Savich on television, she uses her extraordinary brain to call on him for help, and Dillon becomes deeply involved in trying to save her. At the same time, he and his wife Agent Lacey Sherlock pursue a pair of young bank robbers driven forward by an out-of-control teen girl bent on revenge for the robbery-gone-wrong that killed her mother.

Who’ll Love It: Thriller fans who thrive on action and suspense will get sucked right into the high-stakes, high-energy story. Looking from a different angle, though, readers with an interest in dysfunctional families will be fascinated as well – the action grows out of a history of Autumn’s power-hungry relatives and why her father left the brood, and also out of the family dynamics that turned a mother-and-daughter bank-robbing team into a dead mother and an orphaned fugitive.

Series Alert! Catherine Coulter has been writing FBI thrillers about Dillon and Lacey – and other agents, too – since 1996. Find out more by visiting her website.

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