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My Low-Tech Reading List

Library apps for high-tech gadgets.

Image via The Next Web.

I came across a fellow WordPress blogger who’s writing about her favourite apps for readers and book lovers. I thought I’d pass on the link for anybody who’s tech-savvy and literary-minded. Most of the apps offer some variation on tracking what you have read in the past and intend to read in the future.

Here’s how I keep track of which books I mean to read: I have a spiral-bound notebook. I put alphabet stickers on the pages. Then, when I find a book I want to read, I write it down on the appropriate page. (Personally, I prefer to organize by title.) When I finally get around to reading the book, I cross it off by drawing a line through it. It’s low-tech, but until I have an iPad or an iPhone or some similar bit of nifty technology that I carry around with me all the time, I’m content with the paper-and-pen system.

Small notebook, big ideas.

Image via the Lasoo Shopping Blog.

And who knows? Maybe even with an iPad in hand, I’d still prefer to jot notes down on paper. There’s something about handwriting as a tactile experience. No piece of technology comes close.

Incidentally, I actually have two ways of tracking what I’ve finished reading. I keep a book journal on paper, which I write in after I finish a reading project. But also, I try to comment on every book I read in this very blog! It’s not as complete as the book journal – sometimes I fall behind. For instance, I haven’t written about the last few books I read because I was under the weather as I read them. But with luck I’ll be able to catch up! That gives me a way to remember what I’ve been reading, and the high-tech delivery medium makes it something I can share with my friends.

Not that I’ll be giving up my low-tech book journal any time soon.



Scary Library: The Haunting of Willard Library

Willard Library

Image via Library Ghost.

Winter, 1937. It was a bitterly cold night in Evansville, Indiana, the kind of snowy winter night that sees most citizens buried under as many blankets as they can gather together. But at least one citizen was up and about – a solitary janitor whose name has been lost to posterity. He worked nights at beautiful Willard Library, keeping the building safe and warm by maintaining the coal-powered furnace overnight and attending whatever mundane maintenance tasks couldn’t be tackled during the day, when people came  in for quiet reading and study. In the early hours before dawn, as our hard-working janitor descended to the basement to stoke the fires yet again, he saw something he would likely never forget.

There was a lady there, clad all in gray, from the veil upon her head to the shoes on her feet. In the dim light, even her skin seemed gray. How could a woman possibly have gotten into the building? The flustered janitor fumbled his flashlight; it hit the hard ground, but it didn’t go out. He watched in shock as the woman before him dissolved into shadows, as if she had never been there.


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